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Its unbelievable that today when all the weather warnings have finished, which have been in place for the last four days, we get the worst of the weather today.

Heavy rain has hit much of the island, and lots of small flooded areas, also so many car accidents today i don’t have time to mention them all, people really need to slow down and concentrate when driving in this weather.

The outlook is not good for the rest of this week, and will remain unsettled up until at least next Monday, it will mainly be showers, so if you are on holiday I hope you can get out between the showers and enjoy some of the island.

Residents are complaining in Cancela this morning when 5 minutes of heavy rain at 8pm, managed to flood the junction to the business park in Cancela, and question why the gutters and levadas have not been cleaned of leaves and debris.


A lot of you have asked when the Christmas lights will be switched on in Funchal, this will happen this Friday 1st December, there is no big switch on, which is a shame as they could make this a great event. I had to laugh when a friend of mine asked in the tourist office what time the lights will be switched on, they simple said “when it gets dark” Really don’t expect anything else from this office….

So there is no big event, as from about 6pm he lights will start to come on in downtown Funchal, they don’t usually come on altogether either, but as the evening goes on all that are ready to be turned on will be. The lights in the higher parts of the city especially along all the small roads, normally come on by the 8th December.