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The lighting work for Natal in Funchal is already being developed at a rate that the company responsible, LuxStar, considers “very good”, given what has been processed in these seven days since the start after “green light “of the Court of Auditors.

It is already possible to observe the work that takes place on the banks, where there will be created undulating ceilings, which promise to give a different image from the one seen in recent years, due to the acquisition of new material, together with a European supplier, who will certainly ensure a configuration that seems to be of more value to the overall lighting context of the city of Funchal this Christmas 2017.

Humberto Silva, responsible for the assembly company, with extensive experience in the sector, believes that the works “are going well”, ensuring that everything is being done so that on December 1st, tourists and locals can already see Christmas lighting corresponding to the first phase. Moreover, every assembly that is being done has been accompanied by the proof of the result, through the connection of the lights, a situation that has already deserved images in social networks, in relation to the experiences that the company has carried out and which aim, precisely, to ensure that everything is working well.

LuxStar has about six dozen employees on the ground, and this morning, the operation was already near the Ribeira de Santa Luzia, where the ceiling of undulating light began to be mounted, which will have a blue colour there, and Ribeira de São João will privilege the yellow and Ribeira João Gomes will have red. These colours will be visible both at night and day, since the wiring will also have the colour corresponding to the light that the people of Madeira will be able to observe.

Humberto Silva is optimistic about the deadlines, notwithstanding the procedural delays, assuming the company’s experience as a determining factor so that the scales that are necessary to do, in these circumstances, give the answer that the situation demands.

Translated from FN