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If you have been around Funchal the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that there is no sign of Christmas lights being erected, this normally starts towards the end of October.

This is taken from the DN

Paula Cabaço guarantees that it is normal the “delay” in the illuminations of Christmas

Inauguration of the Christmas lights will be on December 1, although the assembly has not yet begun

The Christmas lighting is in the process of concluding a contract. The guarantee is given by Paula Cabaço, Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, who explained that an international public tender was launched, so she is now defining details with the company that won the competition.

Asked about the fact that this process is delayed compared to other years, the secretary guarantees that this is a normal situation.  Among the reasons for this delay is the fact that, in other years, it will be a multi annual competition, “there being no need to open the tender every year”. This year’s competition was annual “with complex administrative procedures”.

“I want to reassure everyone,” said the secretary, ensuring that the inauguration of the lights remains on 1 December. The contract should be signed tomorrow.