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A complaint made public yesterday by the German sportsman, who has been living in Madeira for several years, Hartmut Peters, is generating dismay at the level of muddy water that runs down the mountain of Paul da Serra below, allegedly filling several levadas and lagoons of the zone that are much visited by Madeirans and tourists throughout the year.

According to the pilot of free flight (paragliding) “green energy has ruined everything” from Levada do Alecrim to Lagoa de Vento, in the Cascata do Risco, in the Levada da Rocha Vermelha, all completely polluted, stressing and presenting photos, and justifying in the comments, where he has said that “in more than 20 years of attending these areas throughout the year had never seen such a situation”.

According to the description, the blame will be on the construction works of the Paul da Serra dam, which involves the removal of a huge amount of debris, mainly earth and stones that have been deposited in other areas. “Goodbye nature, goodbye Island of Madeira, there is no more paradise, there is no more natural park, there is no more World Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO”, and adds: “Thank you Government of Madeira, EEM (Electricity Company of. ..). “

Hartmut Peters’s complaint has already been shared by about 175 people, although there are those who have divided opinions, most agree that the work is the cause of this ‘invasion’ of lands in idyllic areas, almost always fresh and crystalline waters, even when there are intense rains like the ones that have occurred in the last week, but its causing a bit of a stir in the comments on his Facebook Page.

Photo Sandra Florença