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The rain continues to fall on the east of the island, but there is no warning, a warning has been issued for the north of the island, and the mountainous regions with a yellow warning in place for heavy showers till midnight.

Many people have told me that the south west of the island is pretty much dry with no rain.

The airport is still being affected with 3 planes in a holding pattern waiting for a break in the weather to land. $ flights were diverted late morning, 3 to Canaries and one to Porto Santo, a couple of flights did manage to land this afternoon, as the weather seem to break for a short while, but the heavy rain soon returned, and is still pouring down now.

UPDATE 6PM the rain is still falling on the East side of the island pretty heavy and constant.

When the yellow warning was issued early this afternoon, rainfall in Santana had already reached an orange level of 46.9 liters per square meter in 6 hours from 8 am to 2 pm. In Santo da Serra it hit yellow (34,9).