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An easyjet plane had to return to its gate tonight at Madeira airport, just before it was ready to take off.

A disturbance on board the flight U2 7606 bound for Lisbon caused by a group of passengers, forced the pilot to take action amid safety fears.

The flight was preparing to take off from the runway at 9:15 pm to Lisbon, but the captain understood that security conditions required to continue travelling were not met, and opted to return to the departure gate, requesting the intervention of the Police.

Injury and insult to crew members and, subsequently, to the pilot-in-command of the aircraft, by a group of passengers who did not obey orders to remain seated, belted and silent. The motivation of the protest is not known.

Police were present at the gate, and the passengers removed from the plane and were not permitted to fly, spending time in police custody at the airport.

Photo Tiago Ferro