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Thank you to Shirley Whitehead, for sending me these photos of the new look forestry house at Rabaçal, and the timing is perfect as in the news today they are talking about this and adding more information at this area.

This was on the JM website today

Rabaçal will soon have a reception centre where visitors can gather more information and knowledge of that area, in Calheta.

The announcement was made this morning by Miguel Albuquerque, on a visit to the house of Rabaçal, fully recovered, which includes not only lodging but also a restaurant area, whose decoration was highly praised.

The route of Lagoa do Vento, in that area, is being improved and the government’s intention is also to rehabilitate the rangers’ house.

In study, together with the Calheta City Hall, is the possibility of acquiring an electric vehicle to transport tourists in that area.

The President of the Government also advanced that the House of Sardine ( Ponta Sao Lourenço I presume) will be concessioned by the same company.

Casa das Queimas will be transformed into a house / museum, focused on a cultural offer.

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Photographs of a new facility at Rabaçal which I’m sure will be of interest to your subscribers. It’s a new cafe inside the old Forestry house, the whole building having been tastefully restored.

It only opened two weeks ago and is owned by the same company that have the cafe at Cabo Girão. Obviously it’s a great facility for walkers as many of the trails in that area route through the Forestry complex, but also, with the frequent shuttle bus service from the car park on the ER 105,this runs every day except Christmas day, at 20 minute intervals.  It’s a great place for anyone just wanting lunch or afternoon tea and to soak up the atmosphere.