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This is a translation from the JM, it wasn’t easy to translate, but makes some sort of sense.

A routine act that has been practiced on flights between Madeira and the rest of the world for more than a decade, yesterday caused a commotion on the flight to Lisbon.

Flight 7606, destined for Lisbon, ended up being delayed in more than an hour due to an incident involving a couple that were eventually identified by the PSP.

The aircraft of the EasyJet company even started to take off, but the commander aborted the operation because of the behaviour of an individual who claimed to be a doctor after a woman accompanying him had been disturbed by the usual spray application to prevent the ‘mosquito of Santa Luzia’ out of Madeira.

The alleged doctor was later invited by the PSP to identify himself, but the so called doctor denied having to identify himself as he was on vacation.

Both the man and the woman, apparently from the continent, eventually left the aircraft under police escort.