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From today, November 3, it is possible to taste a new beer. The ‘Jorge Plantageneta’ will be presented simultaneously in Madeira and in the city of Porto, as a special artisan beer, with the right to Malvasia barrels. The work was developed by ‘Oitava Colina’ and will be available to the lovers, starting at 7:00 pm at Justino’s Madeira Wines, Madeira and Catraio, Porto.

The Duke of Clarence, condemned to death for conspiring against his brother, the King, chose death by drowning in wine casks Malvasia caste wood. That is why the Oitava Colina decided to pay tribute to it.

Vilhoa Craft Beer Dealers made the bridge, Justino’s Madeira Wines provided the barrels of Malvasia, and ‘Oitava Colina +’ developed the recipe. A Barley Wine, 11.5% abv beer that aged 3 months in the Madeira barrels and another 3 months in the bottle, is now in the right place to taste it.

Diogo and Eduardo, from Vilhoa – Craft Beer Dealers of Madeira, are passionate about beer and had the Oitava Colina as one of the brewers of choice. They went out to sea and came knocking on the door of the Graça factory for an unprecedented collaboration: create a Barley Wine recipe and let it age in Malvasia barrels.

Six months later, Jorge Plantageneta was born, a full-bodied and luscious collaboration between Cerveira Oitava Colina, Justino’s Madeira Wines SA and Vilhoa-Craft Beer Dealers. It’s a beer that breaks a lot of prejudices: it can be a comforting, complex beer, to sip calmly, maybe in winter, with the fireplace or share with friends. Drink calmly and with an open mind.

Translated from DN