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Taken from The Portugal News.

The head of the Canary Islands Marine Maritime Cluster, Elba Cabreba, said on Monday that the idea of creating a maritime link between the Spanish archipelago and Madeira should be developed.

Sea link between Canary Islands and Madeira needed.

“What is missing is a maritime connection. Currently we are working in the Canary Islands on a connection to Africa and we should do a study on this other possible connection which could be beneficial in the transport of goods and passengers by sea between the Canary Islands and Madeira”

Cabreba was speaking while presenting the project CLUSTERING – the Intercluster cooperation for the internationalisation and innovation of Macaronesia’s small and medium sized enterprises (Azores, Madeira, Canaries and Cape Verde).

Furthermore, the head of the Canary Islands Technological Institute Innovation department, Guillermo Martin, acknowledged the need for a maritime connection between the islands, as there is a lack of connection between the archipelagos.

The project has €450,000 reserved under the Interreg Community program and aims to establish a strategic alliance based on research and innovation priorities and the implementation of actions for internalisation in a programme with 137 companies.

The maritime sector is important for Macaronesia’s archipelagos especially for the Canary islands because of tourism.