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I have been in touch with Ajuda a Alimentar Cãe who are helping deal with he situation of the 50 dogs found in a property in Camara de Lobos, which I blogged about HERE.
The story is that the property belongs to a mother and two daughters, they had a couple of dogs, and then people started throwing dogs over their wall as they could see they liked animals, with the female dogs not sterilised, the situation started to get out of control, and they were scared to ask for help, thinking they would have the animals taken away from them.
They have told  Ajuda a Alimentar Cãe that they will kill themselves if the dogs are taken away from them, as this is all they have in life. The organisation has set up a deal with them to help the situation, to try to re-home all the younger dogs, sterilise all the female dogs, and give them all the necessary treatment regarding worming and flea control. This started straight away with many of the dogs being taken to AuQmia Vet Clinic to start treatments.
So a bit of a sad story, and shame on the scum that just dumped their dogs over the wall, these people are really not worth the time of day.
I want to thank all of those that have sent donations, and I will pass this money on to  Ajuda a Alimentar Cãe who will put his towards the vet bills that are mounting up. They plan to re-home at least half of the dogs, the property they were in is plenty big enough for the remaining dogs, so lets hope the family can be happy with the dogs, and if they find themselves in trouble again, not to be afraid to ask for help. 

I will also personally buy a few large sacks of dog food, and new food and water bowls with the money I make from my Google Ad this month , and get that to them in the next couple of weeks , when everything should be sorted out.
Also if you have not yet signed the Petition set up to get the regional government to take action on the street dogs, and show they need care, please do this now, it only takes a minute, and them share on your social media.