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Taken from FN

Madeira interior designer Nini Andrade Silva is being praised for the concept developed in a new hotel in Lisbon.  The “WC Beautique Hotel”. Yes, it read well, it’s a hotel called … “WC”, and it gives visitors an experience that promises to be unforgettable, since we do not know the parallel.

The idea, according to the official website of the space, is that the WC Beautique Hotel was born “to wash our souls in the heart of Avenida Almirante Reis, an area of ​​the city that we believe is becoming the new Soho of Lisbon, where multicultural movements are emerging, assuming today as a hub of creativity, dynamism and aggregation of young people seeking positive differentiation.”

Therefore, management invites guests to “strip themselves of prejudices” and “immerse themselves in a world that is, in fact, all of it, a bathroom”, and which it classifies as “a vibrant and eclectic, provocative space where the emotions are to be felt to the skin, or we would say before, to the surface of the water “.

This hotel located in the Intendente, a few minutes from the historical center of the Portuguese capital, stands out for the originality and the difference, which have deserved the applause of the visitors who have stayed there, as we could verify by consulting sites such as Tripadvisor or the Booking.com. The totally innovative concept is praised in several languages, by the testimony of tourists, along with the quality of services.

The welcome is given to us in the reception area, formed by two bathtubs and a large waterfall that covers the body of those who decided to dive there!

The dissident art emerges a bit everywhere, making us come across a huge ice cube that melts on the floor giving shape to a sculptural piece transformed into a social lavatory!

In the distance, in a niche, the movement of falling water plays with all our senses!

Located on the lower floor, the restaurant gives us the sensation of movement and fluidity, caused by the optical illusion that the set of mirrors transmits when reflecting images of waterfalls that multiply throughout the space.

We enter, and the environment becomes more indolent, languid forms and unclear images that arise with the opening of eyes submerged by a prolonged bath! ”

It is with this description, confirmed by the photographs, that the management of this hotel unit seeks to seduce the eventual client to stay in the WC.

The hotel began to receive the first guests on 27 October. It has 41 rooms, a restaurant that serves Portuguese cuisine and a bar, as well as a terrace with terrace. In the decoration the aquatic elements and the turquoise are emphasized. The rooms are mirror-lined and tiled.

The prices per night vary between 160 and 480 euros, figures presented for two people, with breakfast included.