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The story of the 50 dogs in a house is causing a lot of interest on social media, and in the news here. Below is a translation of what the DN has reported

The Court decided yesterday to withdraw 50 animals from a house without conditions of habitability, at Rua Padre Pita Ferreira, in Câmara de Lobos. According to photographs released, the animals shared the house with three elderly women for some time, which provoked some indignation in the neighbourhood that filed a complaint with the authorities.

A situation that is generating controversy between Câmara de Lobos Municipal Council and the Association of Feeding Dogs that accuses the local authority of “having broken a verbal agreement” that existed between the two, “allowing the animals to be taken by force and in a manner violent, “says the lawyer of this Association.

In turn, Câmara de Lobos City Council revealed that there were complaints from 2014 and that in 2016 it was informed that the situation would have worsened. “Last November, the Association for Feeding Dogs requested support for the sterilization of 20 animals housed in the housing referenced in this process, and the municipality allocated the amount of 1,500.00, according to the budget proposal sent by the association itself, which later of compliance with the legal procedures inherent in the process of authorization of expenditure, came yesterday, December 15, to be rejected by the association itself, “the municipality said in a statement.

“On 13 December, the Public Prosecutor notified CMCL of its decision to intervene on 15 December 2013, with a view to” the effective elimination of  pest outbreaks through the general cleaning, sanitation and dis infestation of housing, “and for this purpose, the Câmara de Lobos City Council has been summoned by the Health Authority and a veterinarian, appointed by the Food Aid Association for Dogs, whose cost will be borne by the local authority; As a result of the injunction filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, CMCL contacted several entities that could receive the animals in an unhealthy situation, with only SPAD expressing readiness to receive the animals, an entity with which the City Council has been working to safeguard the animals. necessary care for the dogs that were collected; Yesterday,

The way the dogs were collected is the main thing that has caused outrage, there seems to be so mny people all blaming each other. The Camara of Camara de Lobos had a court order to remove the animals. Ajuda a Alimentar Cães (aaac) that has been with the family, a mother and two daughters, and has been there almost everyday since November with vets helping the situation, are not happy this has happened. All the dogs were being treated, and some already adopted out, and the plan was to get as many in new homes as possible. They were better left at the property, where they had plenty of space and shelter. Its no ideal to have this many dogs, and this is of no fault of the owners, as mentioned in previous posts . The Camara have also know about this for 17 years, and done nothing to help.

Now the dogs have been collected up by council workers, that have no experience, and the charity aaac were already on site helping box up some of the dogs, but some animals were very scared, and images of the council taking them by force has caused the most upset.

One of the daughters is now in hospital after trying to kill herself, which they new would happen, and no social care was there to help with this.

Liliana Rodrigues has asked the GNR to investigate mistreatment. This is a translation from DN.

MEP Liliana Rodrigues asked the commander of the Republican National Guard of Madeira to open an investigation to find out whether or not there were maltreatment “to about 50 canine animals and if the procedures to guarantee animal welfare have been taken care of. to execute an order resulting from the civil action filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Municipality of Câmara Lobos (CMCL) on December 15 “.

The Socialist MEP also wants to know whether the municipality has complied with the regulation which says “the absence of an adequate level of animal welfare is often due to a lack of training. Consequently, any person handling animals during transport must have been trained only by bodies accredited by the competent authorities. ”

The dogs I think should have stayed with the family, they are being well looked after, with regular visits from aaac and vets, each dog was tagged and prioritised as to what treatment they needed, they all had food and shelter, and in a place they know. Now they have been bundled onto a back of a lorry with no idea what was happening, and the Camara didn’t really know where to put them all either, some have gone to SPAD which is also full of dogs looking for homes and the other to an empty building for now I believe.

There is an online petition to have the dogs returned and let the charity and vets do their job, and try to find new homes for these animals. The Petition can be found HERE