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Elena Layter, a Russian citizen, an engineer, is the 3 millionth passenger who passes through Madeira Airport this year.

Elena, her husband and two children came on a holiday to Madeira for the first time and were surprised today to arrive on a flight from Lisbon but originated in Moscow, Russia.

Waiting for them were the official entities to the sound of the music from a local folklore group.

The couple and their two children (Elena, Yuri, Rob and Irma) are in Madeira to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, signaled the moment and welcomed the Russian family.

Also the chairman of ANA’s executive committee, Carlos Lacerda, joined the festive moment saying that the number of passengers is growing 7.5% at Madeira airport.

Taken from Funchal News