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Real Madrid’s Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo said he considered himself the “best player in history” in the interview given to France Football magazine, which on Thursday awarded him the fifth Golden Ball.

“I’m the best player in history, in good times and bad times. I respect everybody’s preferences, but I do not see anyone better than me, “said the Portuguese forward, who took the trophy with 946 points and equaled the number of Lionel Messi achievements.

The Argentine striker of FC Barcelona was in second place, with 670, and Neymar in the third, with 361.

Ronaldo emphasized the number of individual distinctions, as well as his characteristics, such as playing with both feet, being fast, strong and good in the head game, as well as the ability to score goals and assists.

“It’s not just gym work, as some think, it’s a set of things. No footballer does what I can and I do things that others can not do. There is no player more complete than I, “he stressed, noting the distinction for the ‘rivals’:” People may prefer Messi or Neymar, but none are more complete than I am. ”

Taken from DN