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The president of the Regional Government left a message of New Year’s Eve to Madeira, where he said that despite the difficulties encountered, Madeira managed to turn “to the serious economic and social crisis.”

“Today’s Madeira has changed because people believed that it was possible to build a new, fairer future, with a place for all and based on better living conditions,” he said.

Miguel Albuquerque said that the signs of this change are already visible in several areas. In the case of Health, the head of the regional executive stressed the fact that more doctors and nurses had been hired. In addition, he said that the Civil Service “saw their wages increase”, Tourism had in 2016 “its best year ever” and unemployment has decreased, currently “the lowest value of the last six years.”

“All this has been achieved within a framework of consolidation of public accounts and regional debt reduction. This is our conquest, of all Madeira and Porto Santo. Now, with more than half of the mandate fulfilled, I am perfectly aware that there is much to be done and the challenges we have to overcome, “he said, stressing that he will continue to follow the” path of change. ”

Watch the video here .

The president of the Regional Government has also used his Facebook page to publish a photograph, which shows the view that Madeira and tourists will have the opportunity to ‘enjoy’ when they sound from the 12 buzz.

“I am sure that our Region will provide all the people of Madeira and to those who visit us, a new year of excellence. This amphitheatre is the stage of this great night that awaits us tomorrow. Enjoy! “He wrote.

Taken from DN