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Taken from FN

The German ship “Alexander von Humboldt II”, a large sailboat built in Bremen at the Brenn und Verformtechnik (BVT) shipyard, is launched in Funchal in 2011. It is operated by the “Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training” foundation. , a school ship, provides maritime training for people aged 14-75.

This ship named after the great German explorer of the nineteenth century was designed to replace his predecessor, the “Alexander von Humboldt” sailboat, built in Germany in 1906, a ship with a long history, which, in the service of the aforementioned foundation, sailed 560,000 km in 20 years, equivalent to 14 laps to Ecuador, also participating in regattas of big sailing ships (“tall ships”) and carrying out cruises. In 2014, this first “Alexander von Humboldt” was transformed into a small hotel and floating restaurant, positioned on the promenade  Schlachte in Bremen.

Informally known by “Alex”, the “Alexander von Humboldt II” cost 15 million euros, is a three-masted boat and displaces 992 tons. It is 65 meters long and sails with a maximum of 24 candles, 1360 square meters of cloth. It has a diesel engine of 749 hp.

I was lucky to see the ship in Port last night and took these photos.


The ship was also used in a Becks Beer Advert in Germany….