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The old Casa do Turista, on the Rua Conselheiro Silvestre Ribeiro, reopens the public with a new business concept. On the 18th of this month, at 7:00 pm, the administration inaugurates “Il Vivaldi”.

Casa do Turista will give rise to a restoration investment that includes Portuguese and Madeiran taverns and restaurants. The novelty is that management has dropped the idea of ​​creating an Indian restaurant, in addition to the Italian Il Vivaldi Restaurant, Lounge & Terrace Bar, to open a “Steakhouse”.

Il Vivaldi promises to captivate the public by the gastronomic creativity, original and artistic decoration, as well as by the service. Always wanting to honour the historical value of the building where it is located (the former Tourist House), the logo was inspired by the tiles of its imposing reception.

Bringing together the most varied concepts, this space will give life to a classic Steakhouse, a refined Mediterranean Restaurant and a relaxed Terrace Lounge Bar.

Taken from FN