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The regional secretary of Tourism and Culture, Paula Cabaço, can, from today, practice legal acts that allow launching the work of the future Museum of the Classics in Madeira, reveals a resolution of the Official Journal.

Dated January 7 of the Governing Council and without public disclosure, the resolution authorizes the secretariats of Tourism and Equipment and Infrastructures to carry out legal acts that allow the consecration of the future Museum of Classics, a project also coming from the former secretary of the Tourism, Eduardo Jesus, which is now put into practice.

The Madeiran executive claims that the “region has a classic car park of more than 1000 vehicles with internationally recognized historical and cultural value and that it is important to preserve, enhance and enhance”, thus giving the order that both departments can work together in the to execute the plan.

The future Museum of Classics will initially include “the collection of the region” from cars that have already “belonged to civil governors or the Regional Government presidency”, and later adapted to temporary collections that can “go from rally cars to heritage exclusive of the region, “explained Lusa source linked to the project.

The executive also argues in the resolution that in pursuit of the objective, “the creation of a new museum alluding to the classic car is a differentiating factor in the tourist and cultural offer in Madeira and allows the affirmation of a new niche of markets, a heritage that is unique “.

The current project also intends to “re qualify the area of ​​the port of Funchal”, since the site where the future museum will be installed belongs to the Administration of the Ports of Funchal (APRAM), being necessary, therefore, the proper authorisation of the Regional Government, because the ports in spite of being in the guardianship of the Government have own legal figure.

“APRAM, despite being the owner of the spaces in question, needs authorization from the Government and vice versa,” explained the same source, without undermining the continuity of the project.

The project entails reclassification of the Funchal lot area, while restructuring the entire area, leaving it with road traffic routes that “allow free movement of vehicles”, without the natural constraints due to the existence of only one lane.

The region is ‘owner’ of an estate “exemplary in terms of historic cars and even historical events”, from cars belonging to the region and for which “the Madeiran executive has already signed vehicle restoration agreements” through tutelage of Culture, “as well as other types of cars that may” still be recovered. “

Translation from DN