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I have had the last 2 weeks off work, and have managed to get into Funchal 3 evenings to enjoy the Christmas Lights and Atmosphere.

It really is amazing how they got all the lights, and so many of them all together and set up in such a short time this year. We even have lights and Christmas trees in Garajau, and Caniço de Baixo this year, which have been missing for a number of years. There seems to be so many more and the City of Funchal looks amazing, and 5 stars for having the fair ground back on the front, bringing a whole lot of cheer for everyone.

A bit of a disappointment is the lack of Christmas decorations at the Airport this year, I don’t think there are any??? but someone can correct me on that…

The blog will continue to grow and grow, making it the best blog on the island, and always trying to keep you updated with whats going on, so you can enjoy the island as much as I do.

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Will leave you with this great photo from Carla Oliveira Photography and a few of my own from around Funchal.