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The Madeiran Government guarantees that it will ensure the maritime connection between Funchal and the mainland by ferry, in case the open public tender for this purpose is not implemented.

In August, the Madeiran government launched an international tender for the establishment of a maritime line between the archipelago and the mainland. The deadline for applications ends this Monday and the vice-mayor of the Chamber ensures that, even if the contest does not get enough applications, will ensure this transport as early as the summer of 2018.

Already four months have passed since the Madeira Government opened an international competition to all ship-owners who were interested in the concession of a maritime line of regular transport of cargo and passengers that will connect Funchal to the mainland. The deadline for applications was set for November 3rd, however it was extended until this Monday, at the request of Mutualista Açoreana.

Following the interest shown to the Government of Madeira by seven ship-owners, they stated that without compensation to compensate for the reduced flow of passengers during certain months of the year, it was not worth advancing with the candidacy. However, the municipality has not dropped arms and advanced with several incentives that will be delivered to the ship-owner responsible for the maritime connection, as well as the required damages, worth three million euros, during the three years of the concession.

In statements to the public, the House vice president, Pedro Calado, ensured that are being studied contingency plans if the competition does not get enough applications to complete. Despite relying on the public tender, the mayor assured: ” One thing we can promise, and we will keep that promise. In the summer of next year, in the summer of 2018 we will have the ferry in Madeira . ”

The shipping company that will be responsible for transporting cargo and passengers between Funchal and the mainland must ensure a ferry with under 30 years old and able to navigate the minimum speed of about 40 kilometres per hour . With this, the connection will be made in less than 24 hours. As for the destination, the shipowner has the option to choose the port – Portimão, Setúbal, Lisboa or Leixões.

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