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The Judicial Court of the District of Madeira has issued a statement clarifying the controversy over the withdrawal of about 50 dogs from a house in Câmara de Lobos last Friday.


The court clarifies that:

1 – The Public Prosecution Office of the District of Madeira instituted a precautionary measure, on October 17, 2017, requesting that it be ordered the effective elimination of the sources of bad smell and pests that were found in the residence in Câmara de Lobos, where the dogs, through general cleaning, hygiene and disinfestation of said housing and removal of canines to the municipal kennel. In order to do so, it was required that the Health Authority of the Public Health Operative Area / Unit of Lobos council), the competent services of Câmara de Lobos Municipal Council and the Municipal Veterinary Doctor, have access to the residence / annexes or dependencies , located in Rua Padre Pita Ferreira, in Câmara de Lobos.

2 – The Public Prosecutor’s Office alleged that in the aforementioned building, a dwelling with a public place, was sheltered for dogs found on the street, and it could house, on average, 20 to 50 animals, in the most degrading hygienic conditions. Such a house was filled with debris from these animals, which were not clean and smelly. Inside said building there were fleas, rats and cockroaches and the nauseating smell that emanated from said dwelling, increasing in intensity with the passage of time and with increasing air temperature. It was predictable that if nothing was done, it would soon invade the street too. Unhealthy conditions and lack of hygiene were likely to endanger the health of residents in that house and in adjacent areas, since the ability to breed and spread fleas and cockroaches is a notorious fact,

3 – On 9th November, the media reported the degrading state in which these animals lived, denounced by the Association “Feeding Dogs”.

4 – The Respondents (people residing in the dwelling) were heard in the scope of the precautionary measure, having opted for silence, accepting procedurally the facts that were imputed to them.

5 – After demonstrating the facts alleged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the injunction was ordered in the terms requested.

6 – On December 15, the judicial decision was executed.

7 – All steps necessary to transport the animals to the means of transport for municipal kennel or association filed with Câmara de Lobos Municipal Council, namely the Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals, were carried out by members of the Association “Feeding Dogs” and by a veterinarian designated by her.

8 – Contrary to what is reported in some reports, the bailiff, city officials and PSP agents present did not need to intervene in the removal of the animals, since “Feeding Dogs” was voluntarily made available to the to the place of destination.

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A demonstration is called for this Tuesday at 6 pm, in front of the Palace of Justice in Funchal, which arises because of the case of the 50 dogs that were removed from a house in Câmara de Lobos.

Roberto Gaspar, promoter of the protest called ‘We want justice – join us’, says that this demonstration aims to “appeal to people to treat animals well,” adding that “the court withdrew the dogs from that house to put it on, even worse. “

Roberto Gapar “agrees that the court should take the necessary precautions, but first it is necessary to have conditions to re home the animals. The Spad did not have space for all the dogs and those that did not fit were placed in a warehouse and this is inadmissible “, defends.

The situation that happened in Câmara de Lobos has risen “the discontent of many people, due to the way the animals were treated and I want everyone together to shout loudly for those who have no voice,” he says.

Regarding the work that was already being developed by the Food Aid to Dogs, association that was handling the case, Roberto Garante that the volunteers were doing a “fantastic job and were forwarding the dogs to adoption families. There were also bitches to be sterilised. “

With the large number of contacts that Roberto has been receiving, the organiser of the protest expects “a great demonstration”, so there are already 1000 people with interest in the event created on Facebook.