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The tender for the maritime connection between Madeira and the Continent was deserted. The Azorean mutualist who asked for the extension of the term ended up not competing. None of the 13 companies that have drawn up the contract formalized the interest in exploring in a concession regime the maritime transport of cargo passengers between Madeira and the mainland. Nor did the granting of a subsidy of EUR 3 million persuade shipowners.

RTP-Madeira has learned that some of the largest Portuguese shipowners, such as the Madeirense Shipping Company, Transinsular and Vieira & Silveira, have drawn up the specifications but have not advanced with the application.

Potential stakeholders included two Greek shipowners, the Azorean mutualist and an Irish company.

Also noteworthy that the Naviera Armas Spaniards showed no interest in the line, nor did they consult the conditions offered by the Region.

Taken from RTPM