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MSC’s new cruise ship, named “MSC Seaside”, is already in the Port of Funchal, in what is its maiden voyage. At 6 am, while the city was still sleeping, the new giant of the seas lay in the Port of Funchal, waiting for the passengers to be baptized in the new vessel of the largest private cruise company in the world.

Some curious people registered the moment and the objective of Rui Marote registered the first images of a floating package that lay to the Port, firm and silent, as if it were a toy. It is the high technology in the service of nautical engineering that makes possible the creation of these five star floating hotels.

Features MSC Seaside

⦁ Length / mouth / height: 323.3m / 41m / 72m

⦁ Gross tonnage: 153,516 GRT

⦁ Passengers: 5,179

⦁ Crew members: 1,413 ⦁

Maximum speed: 21.3 knots

⦁ MSC Cruise

ship ⦁ 14th ship to join is directed to the MSC Cruises fleet since its inception in 2003

⦁ Ship First Class Seaside

⦁ Brother ship: MSC Seaview

⦁ Date of Delivery: November 29, 2017

⦁ Appointment Ceremony: Miami, FL. 21 December 2017

⦁ Area where it operates: Caribbean

⦁ Hours of labor needed to build the ship: 10 million

⦁ Number of Fincantieri employees involved: 4,000

Main features of the Seaside EVO

⦁ Length / Mouth: 339m / 41m

⦁ Gross Tonnage: 169,380 GRT

⦁ LSA: 7,280                                                         Taken from FN