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The Municipality of Funchal is installing more than a dozen new drinking fountains in various areas of the city, namely Avenida do Mar, Avenida Arriaga, Lido, Estrada Monumental and Ajuda. With a novelty: they are prepared for domestic animals.

According to an information published by the local authority, the previously existing equipment “were already obsolete”, and therefore needed new points of free access to drinking water, which promote health and well-being among all those who walk in Funchal , a tourist and sports city par excellence, explains the Vice-President Miguel Gouveia, who has the water sector. This new urban furniture comes not only to benefit the living spaces of the Municipality, but also to present a modern and sustainable solution to this basic need of the public space, controlling and capitalising our water expenses.

One of the great innovations of the new drinkers is that they are adapted for use by domestic animals, through a new mechanism in its base, installed for the first time in the city, and that provides this solution for those who walk their pets , a need that had already been widely referenced by the population, and was the source of one of the finalist proposals.

Taken from FN