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Welcome to Madeira Island News Island Forum.

I remember when I first moved to Madeira 12 years ago, there was a forum for the island, I got a lot of information from this over the first few years. Unfortunately he forum wasn’t looked after, and it was spammed to death in the end, and not used anymore.

So we have built a new forum for the island which I hope will become a great resource for all residents and tourists visiting the island. I hope we can all share our knowledge of the Island, and make this a great place to share information.

The forum will be for members only, this will be charged at 10.00 euros a year, this works out to an incredible 2.7 cents a day.

I have also made a monthly price of 2.50 euros, this will be ideal for tourists visiting the island and want to find information, ask questions, and get advice.

Making a small charge this I hope will help keep out spam and hackers, and the forum will be filled with genuine people that love our island.

Please Join the Forum using this link. https://www.madeiraislandnews.com/register

You will also find a link to the forum in the Side Bar. If you are using a mobile phone you will need to scroll down past the blog posts.