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Just a straight translation from the DN

The District Attorney’s Office of the District of Madeira today issued a statement clarifying the withdrawal of 50 dogs from a house located in Câmara de Lobos. The action took place last December 15, 2017, “having observed all legal procedures and appropriate to the welfare and safety of those”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office states that “the Public Health Operative Unit of the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos found that at the time of removal of the animals” housing did not meet the minimum conditions of health and safety adequate to its use and did not have hygienic conditions and that “the collection of the animals in the dwelling was carried out by three members of the ‘Associação Alimentar Cães Cães’, who took them to the vehicles of the Town Hall, being present on the spot a veterinarian indicated by that Association “. The animals were transported in a vial to SPAD 32 animals; In another van were 8, a “cage” with two adult females and their 8 pups. Another animal was transported in the vet’s van. ”

“From the opinion sent to us by the Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals, the canids removed from the house at Rua Padre Pita Ferreira, No. 153, in Câmara de Lobos were” evaluated one by one and are well and that on this date, “all the animals removed are already in the facilities of SPAD and according to clarifications of this entity, they should only be sent for adoption after having done the second vaccination.”

“The veterinarian, when he arrived at the site, found that some volunteers from the” Feeding Dogs “Association had already begun to remove the animals and put some on the truck. One of the animals still inside the house presented / displayed epileptiform convulsions, reason why it provided the necessary medical assistance to him, having the animal responded favorably in few minutes. One of the residents of the house told her that the “seizures” were frequent and the animal was not being medicated. The same was transported in the vehicle of the veterinary clinic to the premises of the Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals of Funchal, properly housed in an appropriate cage, explains the document.

“In the same circumstances of time and place, it was found that another animal appeared very nervous, even attempting to bite its owner. Given the aggressiveness of the animal and after the veterinarian tried to contain it for more than 20 minutes without success, it was necessary to use a containment loop and to administer a tranquilizer in order to be able to safely remove the animal. truck. In the course of such maneuvers, the canid bit the end of the steel cord having wound itself on the tongue, so that the blood mixed with the saliva might have given the false impression of having been left with other wounds in the body, ” adds.

“Therefore, on this date, the practical effects sought by the Public Prosecutor’s Office with the introduction of the precautionary measure are duly safeguarded, and no irregularity was detected in the procedures adopted,” asserts the Public Ministry, adding that “canines are found to the care of qualified technicians and as soon as they are reinstated, will be properly referred for adoption. ”

On the other hand, it adds that “the abovementioned abode was cleansed and disinfested, and any danger to public health is at present present.”