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Funchal market night on December 23rd will be the biggest ever this year, and there will be a great security presence to ensure the well being of the thousands of people expected in Funchal.

130 officers from the public security police and fire fighters will may sure everything runs smoothly with no problems, the market area will be much larger this year spreading out to the front of Funchal where the fair ground is.

There will be 100 stands selling food and drink, and at Rua Latino Coelho, 19 places were awarded for the sale of fruits and vegetables,  no one was left out, with all requests having a green light.

The market area inside gets packed out where they do the traditional carol singing, a huge screen will be erected outside the market for more people to enjoy this, that cant get a space inside, I believe this was there last year, but to be honest I cant remember, must have been the poncha…..

The Associação dos Amigos e Familiares do Dente Mental will receive a donation of 300 euros for every ton of rubbish collected, and the reusable cups that were introduced a few years ago will be in operation they cost 50 cents if I remember, and you keep it with you, to refill.

If you are going to the market night enjoy and have a great evening, I will be there so say hello if you spot me….