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Another day of chaos at Madeira airport, as nothing has landed since 8.30am.

Is it time the Government of Madeira look at this situation seriously, and work out a solution to help passengers get to their destinations. This has to be the worst year for the airport, and as we have seen it is not just bad weather in the winter that can cause these problems, as in the Summer we also had problems twice with the airport shut for a number of days with strong winds.

As I write this the Tui flight from London Gatwick has just managed to land, so lets hope things start to improve.

Four more flights trying to land, BA Gatwick up first, the other flights are going into a holding pattern. BA just landed so lets hope other flights manage.

I have friends on the Bristol flight, which is Porto Santo at the moment, They were told they were going to fly back to Bristol, and they have left the aircraft to get the ferry to the island, but this is not yet confirmed.