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Here are our upcoming events on Saturday | Aqui estão os próximos eventos no sábado:

Origami Workshop by Hana at 2:30 – 4:00pm:

Come and learn to make Origami (Japanese paper folding art)

It is a relaxing and meditative process in which we fold paper and see
the magic of a simple leaf of paper transforming itself into a flower,
an animal, a star, a box…..

In this lesson we will make origami gift wrapping.


Opening on Saturday, 9 December at 5p.m.

“Archipelago [together we are more than islands]”

an exhibition by Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez, Paula Arinto and Susana Paiva

“Arquipélago [juntos somos mais do que ilhas]”

uma exposição por Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez, Paula Arinto and Susana Paiva

Abertura no sábado, 9 de dezembro às 5 horas.

Find more information here:https://restockfunchal.blogspot.pt/

We hope to see you at RESTOCK on Saturday!  |Esperamos vê-lo no RESTOCK no sábado!


Karen e Claus