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The ship Lobo Marinho transported this afternoon about 450 passengers of the Thomas Cook airline who were prevented from traveling yesterday due to the conditions at Madeira  Airport due to the wind and poor visibility that made itself felt.

Chartering the Lobo Marinho was the form found by the airline to face an embarrassing situation for passengers who were prevented from travelling yesterday and will do so today, from Porto Santo airport.

According to information provided by Porto Santo Line, Lobo Marinho departs this afternoon, around 4 pm, taking 450 passengers and returning around 7:30 pm, bringing another 450 passengers from two flights that could not land in Funchal yesterday morning, diverting to the Canary Islands.

Flight DK 1124, from Gran Canaria and flight DK 1308 from Tenerife South, both arrive at Porto Santo at around 4:00 p.m., and passengers go to the Lobo Marinho to Madeira.