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Trips between Madeira and the mainland are being investigated.

The amount of claims for the subsidised allowance for residents on journeys between Madeira and the continent was much higher than the number of passengers. The regional and republican governments suspect abuse and wait only from the report of the General Inspection of Finance to deepen the investigation. 25 million euros have already been paid.

Also in the area of ​​transport, the Regional Government of Madeira guarantees a maritime transport connection for passengers already next summer. The Vice President, Pedro Calado, guarantees to have a plan B if there are no competitors to the public contest that ends on December 18.

Taken from the RTPM

I really cant see how there can be so many more claims for the subsidy, than trips brought, when you need so much documentation to get your money back. It can only be all the crooks in the Government and councils that are making the claims……

And Pedro Caldo, we really want to know what plan B is….lol lol lol