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Who has never felt a shiver on the spine when landing on Madeira? It is well known that Funchal Airport has its own characteristics.

“Check in to Fly without Fear” is the theme of the event that will take place in Funchal on February 24, 2018.

Lack of information can give rise to unfounded concerns and imaginary fears.

Thus, the ‘Fly without Fear’ launched the first edition of the ‘Flying without Fear’ Check in Funchal.

This is a mini-course of 5 hours, directed by Cristina Albuquerque (expert in flight phobia), which highlights the participation of a pilot and cabin crew with extensive experience in flying to Funchal.

Required entry at http://bit.ly/checkin-funchal

Here is the PROGRAM:

Fear of traveling by plane

Characterisation and understanding of the phenomenon – Associated factors and factors in flight safety basics

-The pilot

-The cabin crew

-The plane and the flight phases

-The maintenance

-The bad weather

-The turbulence

-The Funchal Airport

-The statistics

Recommendations for Lessening Flight Anxiety

Preparation for Air Travel

Tips for Traveling Relaxed

Full information and inscriptions at http://bit.ly/checkin-funchal

Lets just hope there is no bad weather on the 24th February……

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