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The Captain of Porto and Commander-local of the Maritime Police of Funchal, in conjunction with the Sub-Center of Coordination of Search and Rescue of Funchal (MRSC Funchal) and with the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC IP-RAM) on January 13, in the rescue of a person on the cliff escarpment in the area of ​​Pedra, Ribeira Brava.

The alert was given around 8:07 am via telephone to the MRSC Funchal, through the Regional Civil Protection Service, requesting support for searches on the seafront, bearing in mind that there was evidence of a possible fall of a person on a cliff in the area of ​​Pedra in Ribeira Brava .

Immediately, a vessel of the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal (ISN-SR40) was activated, in order to search along the coastline between Calhau da Lapa and Ribeira Brava, which were reinforced by land through the projection to the coastal edge, by sea, of an element of the crew of the vessel of the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal. Agents of the Maritime Police were also assigned to the site.

The person was found dead, by the mountain rescue team of the Volunteer Firefighters of Ribeira Brava, around 10h39, about 200 meters from the base of the cliff.

It was later transported aboard the vessel of the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal, after maneuvers of high complexity carried out by the rescue team, considering the location in question, substantially in the middle of the cliff.

The transhipment of the body of the male individual was carried out by the sea to the Ribeira Brava dock.

The Maritime Police of Funchal took the necessary steps in articulation with the Public Security Police of Ribeira Brava.

The Local Command of the Maritime Police of Funchal took care of the occurrence.

This is not good news, and nothing has said if this could be connected to the missing tourist from Finland. Meanwhile the Finnish man’s brother in law is on his way to Madeira, as the missing person has a 7 year old son here on holiday with him, who is being well looked after by agents from Tui.