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For the fifth consecutive year, Câmara de Lobos municipality promotes the presentation of a mega-king cake. The typical candy will have an extension of 150 meters and an approximate weight of 250 kilograms. The presentation will take place next Sunday, January 7, at 11:00 am, in Praça da Autonomia.

This is another initiative integrated in the program of The Festa, which has been revitalised in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos. The action, promoted by the municipality in partnership with local merchants, aims not only to mark the traditional celebration of the Day of Kings, and also to contribute to the dynamisation of the commercial activity of downtown.

I got both the King and the Bean (fava) in our cake this year, and I did not eat it all on my own…..The king means you have to buy the drinks next year, and the bean means you have to buy the Cake next year.