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According to Funchal News reported from a credible source, the Finnish citizen who was found dead in Funchal had arrived drunk from the airport, despite being accompanied by his son, and will have continued drinking unhappily during his stay in Funchal – in spite of being with his son of seven years, who journeyed with him.

Ari Ahonen arrived in Funchal on the 11th, and was reported missing the next day, on Friday night, the 12th. The staff of the hotel where he stayed, the Dorisol Estrelícia, observed how the man was constantly showing signs of drunkenness, and how he left the hotel and took a cab leaving his son at the hotel. When he did not come back, the hotel staff treated the seven-year-old, who spoke only Finnish, nurturing him and making sure he was ok.  It was necessary to call a tourist guide of the TUI who was fluent in the Finnish language in order to facilitate communication with the boy, contacts were established with the family, his wife a mother of 4 children with a 5th on the way was very concerned and tried contact her husband, including contacting media such as the FN, to see what was going on. Her brother, Ari Ahonen’s brother-in-law, immediately travelled to Madeira.

The grandfather of the seven-year-old will also be coming soon to Madeira. The Judicial Police is investigating this case, a strange story, although at the outset do not think of any third-party involved, or possible homicide.

His body was reported at 8.25 am on the Saturday morning, in Rua Vale D’Ajuda, two conflicting reports of him having a broken neck or broken back after falling from some steps or from a wall.