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The Finnish tourist missing since Friday night has been found dead. The DN reports the man was last seen alive in the taxi which was taking him back to his hotel. The tourist was drunk and there must have been some confusion as to where he was stay, and was dropped at the forum area  instead of the dorido Hotel in Lido area. Its reported the man seems to have fallen from a wall and broke his back, which would have killed him.

There is more to this story I think. RTP reported  yesterday a man had been found dead in the road of Vale d’Ajuda behind the forum shopping, and the man apparently had a broken neck. So is this the same person we are talking about, and if do this person would have been found late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

So sone of this doesn’t add up, and if what RTP report is the Finnish Tourist, then he wasn’t missing at all.

The brother in law arrived in Madeira today and identified the body.

I think there will be more to this story, or something is trying to be covered up, I may have a suspicious mind at the moment…