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Ari Ahonen, a 35-year-old Finnish national who is vacationing in Madeira, has been missing since Friday night 12th January in Funchal. The alert was given by a relative of the young person who has already contacted the regional authorities, namely the police, the Finnish Consulate, hospitals and TUI tourist guides.

In the call made today on facebook, by Jenni Heiskanen, the family appeals to anyone who knows their whereabouts, contact the police in Funchal and leave some information about the missing tourist.According to the post, Ari Ahonen is 1.73 meters tall, average weight, brown hair (short on the sides) and light brown eyes. He has a huge tattoo on his left shoulder, and the last time he was seen, he wore white shorts and sneakers.

He’s on vacation in Madeira and nobody knows his whereabouts since Friday . The phone is turned off, a situation that worries the family even more.

the DN contacted the Dorisol Hotel in Funchal, where the Finnish is staying, but it was not possible to obtain any information, since the hotel policy does not provide any information regarding the clients.