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Translated from JM

The Municipality of Funchal has already awarded MEO the installation of wireless internet technology (WIFI) throughout the downtown area, starting one of the winning proposals of the 2nd Participative Budget

The project is co-financed by Turismo de Portugal and is aimed at “the progressive investment of the executive in an increasingly intelligent city, which invests in new information and communication technologies and administrative modernization, as determinant tools for improving the quality of life and for the future of the population, “the president, Paulo Cafôfo, explains in a statement. The planned investment is 50,000 euros for a three-year contract with the operator. The facility will be ready in the first half of this year.

Paulo Cafôfo also said that the installation of this network will cover the historic centers of the city, being the first proposal winning the 2nd edition of the Participative Budget of Funchal to be realized.

The project will allow both the local population and tourists to use the WIFI network for free and access the content that suits them, namely in the three historic centers of Funchal – Sé, São Pedro and Santa Maria Maior.

“With the availability of Internet access, Funchal City Council will also be able to search for restaurants, sights, reservations, buy tickets online for cultural events or consult operating hours of its museums and emblematic monuments, so that those who visit Funchal, and all those who want to walk, better organize their plans, thus capitalizing on the Municipal Tourism Strategy, “said Paulo Cafôfo.

As far as the project intervention area is concerned, WIFI will be installed in the two main avenues of the city, namely Avenida Arriaga and Avenida do Mar, in the three main squares – Praça do Município, Praça do Povo and Praça Amarela – and central arteries of the city (Rua do Aljube, Rua Fernão de Ornelas and Rua de Santa Maria, to the fort of São Tiago). This was the solution achieved by the municipality to cover key points such as the Municipal Garden, the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater, the Cathedral, Largo do Chafariz, the Farmers’ Market and the Old Town, especially for its significant agglomeration of commercial spaces and hotel units and local accommodation, making it an area of ​​particular importance for the city’s tourism, with a total of 22 access points.

According to the president, “nowadays, an economically and commercially dynamic, cosmopolitan and tourist city like Funchal has to have at the disposal of the population and of all those who visit us this type of utilitarianism and competed us, once again, make this technological bet, in line with all the work we have done, both at the level of the city services, with the Loja do Munícipe, and its dematerialisation and new document management systems, as well as for the application of reports of occurrences in public , such as the Funchal Alerta, at the tourist level, with the digital routes JiTT.travel Funchal or USE-it Funchal, and at the level of comfort of the population, with the installation of chargers for electronic devices “at bus stops, a project also in the scope of the Budget of Funchal. “