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Yesterday morning a joint inspection operation took place in the Farmers’ Market. The operation took place at 7 o’clock in the Fish area, and at 9 o’clock in the Farmers’ Market.

The initiative was promoted by Funchal City Council, in close collaboration with other responsible entities, namely the Public Security Police (PSP), the National Republican Guard (GNR), and the Regional Authority for Economic Activities (ARAE) and the Regional Directorate for Fisheries (DRP).

Ten elements of the municipality, including 6 municipal inspectors, were present in the operation. The objectives were to provide support to the Market Division inspectors, to verify that merchants and their helpers had the required identification card at the points of sale and to verify that traders are engaged in their business at the appropriate location.

The Regional Authority for Economic Activities (ARAE) has mobilized seven elements to monitor the legal compliance of Farmers Market operators, seeking to discourage violations of applicable legislation.

As such, it was found that: compliance with the marketing rules for fruit and vegetable products and processed fruit and vegetables; the conformity of products with requirements in food products; compliance with general labelling rules; compliance with price-fixing rules; the existence of the Complaint Book in the establishment with respect to the activity.

Six elements of the PSP were present in the operation to inspect the establishments inside the Farmers’ Market and to maintain the safety of the other authorities involved, as well as of all the people present in the Market during the operation.

Two elements of the Regional Directorate of Fisheries were to control the Fish on sale, to verify the documentation of sale of the fish on display and to verify the labelling of the fish.

Eight elements of the GNR participated in the operation, to inspect the fish, verifying if it passed through the right controls before being at the point of sale (joint action with the DRP), provide support to the ARAE and seize the goods that did not meet the necessary requirements for sale. Taken from JM


This is not the first time this has taken place an wont be the last, but what is done about all the price fixing, and the ripping off of tourists. Apparently there is an inspector present at the market all the time, some old bloke that just stuffs his face with fruit all day. The rip off prices are the biggest concern, as you can see from the photos below of Tomate Ingles, both taken the same day, 25.00 euros in the market, and 1.88 in a local shop in Rua Carreira. Pitangas I have seen priced at 40.00 euros a kilo, this is just crazy.

The photos below were shared on Facebook, and attracted hundreds of comments.


I will say and have always said, do not spend your money in the market of Funchal, look around but keep your money in your pocket, if you try any of the fruit, let it be known that it is all laced with sugar to taste sweet, buy anything and you will just throw it in the rubbish when you get home, and have probably paid about 25 euros for a couple of passion fruit.

I will also say there are fruit stalls and people especially on the ground floor that have decent local prices, but why do these people not complain about the crooks that rip the tourists off? are they afraid? I have always said some of these places are OK to buy from, but my mind has now changed, and I think everyone should suffer in the market, and nobody spend a cent there till things change and these crooks that rob the tourists in broad daylight are removed from this place, It makes me sick how the Tourist Board of Madeira, promote the market so much, knowing that tourist are taken advantage of, and many do complain in the tourist office, I would urge everyone to go to the Tourist office and complain. This needs o change and make the market area better for all.