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I have not really followed this story, but Jackie the cat went missing on a TAP flight to Madeira, I believe on December 21st, and has become pretty famous due to this.

The cat was found yesterday hiding, in some sort of Container, from what I can make out, and the rescue took place.

Cat Jackie left Lisbon Airport yesterday and is now in a safer place.

The cat was going to return to Madeira yesterday, however, because the conditions at Madeira Airport were not favourable, the trip was postponed to today and now will return only on Monday, when the weather is expected to be more settled with no weather warnings.

According to the owner of the animal, Sandra Teixeira Freitas, the cat has now been delivered to a friend who is a veterinary assistant. In her view, the most important thing is that her four-legged friend stays in comfort and safety until he can return to Madeira.