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The project of the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) “Musics in Museums” last night was sold out at the Museum ‘A Cidade do Açúcar’, to watch the first concert of the instrumental group Dolcemente.

The project – a bet by CMF for the cultural area in 2018 – will include a concert commented on the last Friday of each month (19h), with regional bands and free tickets, alternately running between the Museum ‘A Cidade do Açúcar’ and the Henry Museum and Francisco Franco.

According to a press release, CMF Vice-President Miguel Silva Gouveia was present, and he welcomed the full house, thanking everyone who worked hard to carry out the project.

“It is another bet made on the democratization of the culture of Funchal, which should be proud of us all. We are simultaneously promoting our heritage, our cultural values ​​and the artistic production of our city and our region. In addition to partnering with regional artists, this is also an initiative that energises local commerce, “he said.

The next show is scheduled for February 23, at the Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum, with the performance of the Xarabanda Musical and Cultural Association.

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