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The Madeiran archipelago will be under various meteorological warnings, orange and yellow, due to wind and sea turmoil between this Friday and Sunday. It is recalled that during the afternoon, the Maritime Authority issued an alert to the population, especially the maritime community.

According to information published on the website of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), the north coast of Madeira and the island of Porto Santo are under orange (the second most serious) warning from 3 pm on Saturday and at 9 o’clock on Sunday. It is expected a great maritime agitation with waves with five to seven meters.

The IPMA also places orange in the mountainous regions of the island of Madeira, between 12 noon and midnight on Saturday, alerting to a strong north / northwest wind, with gusts between 110 and 120 kilometers.

The southern coast of Madeira has been under yellow warning since Friday and until Sunday at 9 pm, when the IPMA expects the four and five-meter waves to calm down.

Tonight, Porto Santo and the north coast of Madeira are already under yellow warning, which will last until 3 o’clock Saturday, when they will be raised to orange. The mountainous areas are already under the third most serious warning until 12 noon on Saturday.

Taken from DN