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One of my favourite places to visit, but I have yet to go to this festival, as a rule it rains nearly every time this festival is held, so lets hope its dry this year.

On Sunday January 28th, Chão da Ribeira, in the parish of Seixal, hosts the traditional ‘Panelo’.

It is a tradition that is carried out every year, a social life that began by the residents in the locality but which soon, spread to outsiders.

The popular initiative is held in Chão da Ribeira, in the morning, it is the first Sunday after the celebration of Santo Antão, and last Sunday of January

The families gather to prepare and taste the ‘Panelo’, a dish made with cabbages and sausages, very similar to a stew.

Super large pans are used and cooked over wood fires, everyone brings something to add to the pans so this goes much further than just cabbage, pork and sausage. Tradition is the food is served on the floor on a bed of cabbage leaves, eaten from the ground it was grown, but in these times tables, plates and cutlery are used.