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This January is said to be the worst month ever for the island Porto Santo.

Edgar Silva, a leader of the PCP, published this afternoon on his Facebook page an outburst of the embarrassment he is finding to travel to the ‘Golden Island’.

In the text, it can be read that “Porto Santo ‘is closed’! That Portuguese island can not be reached, nor can it be left. Maybe swimming …! “He mocks.

He cintinues to write that, “in the last days, I have done everything to get a Madeira / Porto Santo trip. The boat is in the shipyard. By plane, the operators tell us, I can only get a trip there in February, in the 19-seat plane, which makes the only daily connections, I will not have any chance to get to the island, and those wanting to leave have the same problem…
This is Portugal in 2018. You can not travel in Portuguese territory.

A really terrible situation, and for such a beautiful island, more should be done to make this an all year round destination like Madeira, the government need to remove there heads from there……. and take a look.