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The Legislative Assembly of Madeira today discussed a protest vote against the “excessive” volumetric size of the Savoy Palace Hotel, Funchal, presented by the independent MP Gil Canha (former PND), but the intention should not be approved by a majority of the PSD.

“I present this protest vote to serve as an example so that in the future no more mistakes are made like this,” said the independent deputy in the presentation of the protest vote against the volume of the Savoy Palace, which has 16 floors (three more than the old Savoy Classic, demolished in 2009) spread over an area of ​​65 thousand square meters and presenting 500 rooms and 1,128 beds, in an investment of 100 million euros.

For Gil Canha, the Savoy Palace presents “a huge volume” and is “disturbing”, “crazy” and “aggressive”.

Opposition parties have pointed out that the Savoy Palace is a consequence of the Infante Urbanisation Plan approved in 2008 by the Funchal City Council, then led by the current Regional Government President Miguel Albuquerque, an executive who, in a resolution published on October 10th 2017, authorised the increase in the number of beds from 828 beds to 1,128 beds.

Although displeased with the volume of the hotel, CDS / PP and PS considered that the protest vote made sense in 2008 when the Infante’s Plan was approved and not in 2018.

BE, PCP, PTP and JPP expressed their opposition to the volume, but not against the investment of the Avelino Farinha and Agrela Group, which in 2015 acquired the lands of the former Savoy Classic, which had already been demolished, to the SIET Savoy of Horacio Roque and Joe Berardo.

The PSD, for its part, criticised the independent deputy, saying he was “tied to the fight of some economic groups”.

Translated from RTPMadeira