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TAP cabin crew will strike from the 9th – 11th February  at the height of carnival causing the highest impact.

Translated from DN Portugal

TAP cabin crew is scheduled to strike February 9-11 and are planning partial shutdowns in March as “all possibilities” are exhausted for a consensus with the government and the company.

According to a motion passed today at the general assembly of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), which the Lusa agency had access to, the protests also take into account “the constant violations of the AE [Business Agreement] and the degradation of the working conditions of cabin crew “.

At the extraordinary meeting it was decided that the SNPVAC’s management should immediately “give notice of strike for 09.10 and 11 February 2018,” at the height of Carnival.

The management will also “present a notice of strike for up to three days a month, if TAP Air Portugal continues to maintain the same intransigent and bad faith stance,” they said.

Paralysis was also approved to start on 28 March. One concerns “all flight services to be performed on the A330-300 equipment up to full compliance with the” Protocol Operation Equipment A330-300 “, which relates to conditions and working hours.

Another stoppage will be in “medium-haul flights, whenever the time of awakening (local time) or presentation, outside the base, is included in the critical period of the circadian rhythm (daily metabolic cycle), and the crew member makes a maximum flight duty period of more than six hours “.

The third strike, as of March 28, concerns “long-haul flight services operated on NB equipment and on equivalent half-block flights (‘Block time’ equal to or greater than 3:30 on either route) (2:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), which are planned beyond the 4th day of use after the last period of rest. “

The motion reads that the basis of the protests is the “discriminatory treatment that the Government imposes on cabin crew” of TAP, for disrespect of the commitment not to denounce the agreement of company and because the national airline “perpetuates a bad posture -feature while continuing to fail the “protocol equipment operation”, which concerns working conditions.

TAP is still criticized because it “does not comply with the law regarding the rights of parenthood,” “does not recognize work accidents affecting cabin crew” and executive management “enforces its intentions to destroy the rights and existing guarantees “.

The general assembly also repudiated the statements made by the company’s CEO, Fernando Pinto, about the AE being “abusive and out of touch with reality” and recalled that TAP proposed “an insulting 1% increase” in wages.

“Any crew member who is hired for TAP now earn only 13 euros more than the national minimum wage stipulated for 2018,” reads the motion.