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Before you read the below story, has anyone managed to pick up one of the new event guides released last week??? They seem to be impossible to find, and I am told they run out in the first couple of days, after only printing 5000 copies……

Madeira continues to lose tourists from the two main traditional emitting markets. Especially English, which fell 8.2% in November, in line with what happened in October, when it recorded a decrease of 9.8% in overnight stays.

The German issuing market loses less (-0.6%) in the penultimate month of the year. In October, the decline was more accentuated, of 1.4%, compared to the same month of 2016.

The data revealed today by the Regional Directorate of Statistics shows that in November, the English market was worth 23.8% of all overnight stays of non-residents, followed by German with 30.3%.

Nationally, the British market declined for the second consecutive month, falling by 7.7% in November, after a fall of 5.4% in October, the INE reports today.

“These results, like the previous month, could be influenced by the cancellation of some air transport services, namely between the UK and Faro and Funchal airports,” explains INE, adding that between January and November this market grew by 1, 5%.

The thirteen main tourist markets for Portugal accounted for 80.2% of non-resident overnight stays, with the German and British markets being the most representative, with a similar share of 16.3% of all non-resident overnight stays.

In November, overnight German guests grew by 5%, while in the first eleven months of the year this market had increased by 7.5%.

Ricardo Miguel Oliveira