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Snow fell early this morning on the peaks of Madeira, this soon turned to sleet.

The sleet that fell during Monday morning in the mountains of the island of Madeira has already led the Forest Police to close the section of the forest road between Eira do Serrado and Pico do Areeiro, due to safety reasons due to presence of ice on the floor.

Road traffic was also banned from Chão da Lagoa by the Regional Road Administration due to the risk of accidents.

The road from Poiso to Pico Areeiro, was eventually closed during the afternoon, as the weather became worse.  Sleet fell as low as Poiso with a temperature of 3 degrees.

Much of the island has seen heavy rain showers throughout the day, with a few sunny intervals between, there was even a huge clap of Thunder in Funchal late morning. An anticyclone with a polar air mass has caused the drop in temperatures and bad weather that the island is experiencing.


The airport has done pretty well today with most flights eventually landing, some waiting in a holding pattern before doing so. A TAP flight from Lisbon decided to turn back before it had even reached Porto Santo, and the Jet2 flight from Edinburgh diverted to the Canaries. as I write Easjet Manchester and Gatwick are both on the way to Mainland, could be going to Lisbon.