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So how has the weather been round the island?

We have had rain on and off in Caniço today, but hardly any wind, this has been a different story in other parts.

We drove up to Santo da Serra today, and the wind was howling, while having a poncha a mini tornado lifted 2 tables outside the bar, sent them over the wall smashing into a parked car, then crashing down a driveway in pieces.

Driving into Funchal early afternoon we came across this tree that was about to fall on the motorway.

The airport has also suffered today with strong winds, most flights have landed, but some circled for a while before doing so. Just now the London Gatwick Easyjet flight has just diverted to the Canaries, A TAP flight looks like it has returned to Lisbon after failing to land, but seems to have turned and again heading back to Madeira.

The DN reports this about the airport.

After three divergent flights from Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo, between 3.30 pm and 4 pm – two to Porto Santo and one to the Canaries – at the last hour the wind, with gusts up to 78 km / h, has not given truces, preventing the approach of aircraft to the Santa Cruz runway. For this reason, it made several planes bound for Funchal to remain ‘retained’ off the North Coast in the usual circles in the expectation of conditions to approach and land in Santa Cruz.

There were two planes coming from London, one from British Airways and another from easyJet, one from TUI coming from Brussels, and TAP’s domestic flight from Lisbon. After long wait, the British Airways aircraft was the only one to be able to land (17:01), after two hours, between 15 and 17 hours without any record of arrivals at Madeira Airport.

In the meantime there are six canceled flights between arrivals and departures, none of which even arrived at the origin. One Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt and two from Paris, one operated by Aigle Azur and another by Transavia.

The wind is the main culprit of the setbacks, and this afternoon there was a gust of 111 km / h above the airport.

Snow could well fall over the mountains today or tomorrow as temperatures drop, but so far there has been no reports of snow.